A truly classic Conquer Online server.

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A modern, yet classic experience

ConquerGods is a truly classic server without any of the gimmicks such as lottery, battle power, CPs, etc. We offer a pure and clean game interface that is free of bugs and visually enhanced for better graphics. Our server has been developed from scratch, programmed and tested over the course of 2 years.

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Custom Client

What makes ConquerGods stand out is our heavily customized game client. With hundreds of bug fixes, enhancements, and QoL changes, our client is like no other. We have also worked hard on upgrading certain parts of the graphics engine to support features such as anti-aliasing, multisampling and even custom resolution - all using a classic 1.0 client.

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Actively Developed

Conquer Gods is being actively developed! While the code is not open source, our issue tracker is entirely public and available to everyone via GitHub! You can track all our changelogs directly on GitHub using the Milestones feature.

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Vibrant Community

A great community makes a great game! Ours is no exception - join hundreds of players online or in our discord channel and chat, ask questions, and even make new friends!

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